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I made a file format! No app to make them, though.

I made a music file format! It’s to go with my new “virtual sound chip” I made for use in video games what I am/plan to program. The chip has 8 channels which output a 4-bit signal each. Each pulse type has a table of 4-bit samples for each of the 15 possible volume settings (zero is mute and doesn’t need a table). There’s also a table that maps these samples to a 31-bit counter (java doesn’t have unsigned variables) based on the sample length (2-30ish) and pulse width (1/32 to 1/2 or 16/32).

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Jorhlok Profile February 2012: First Post on this Blog

Right. Here I am! I am Jorh of the Nation of Jorh, otherwise known as the incomparable Joshua Michael Brown. This blog will contain basically anything I want to make public. It might be downloadable content, physical projects, information, or just plain opinion.

I do many things, depending on who you compare me to. Wait, wait, wait… bad grammar. I do many things, depending on whom I am compared. I use Free and Open Source Software, bend consumer electronics to my will, program computers, dabble in electronics and robotics, play videogames, listen to music, try to compose music, experiment with food, drink water, lucid dream, sleep, go to community college, be 19 years old, cashier at Walmart, and live in the USA.

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