Me, my opinion, and things I do.

Facial Hair Update

Facial hair update. It’s growing longer, which is good. The color is surprising, though. It has significant red component in addition to my usual dark brown, as you can see in the picture below. Click on it to zoom in. Also, it’s itchy as hell. I started using conditioner in it. I guess I’ll see how that works.

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My Face and its Hair

Yesterday I went to work with styled facial hair. Historically I’ve shaved about once or twice per week. After a week nowadays it gets to a respectable length to style. Twice I’ve gone to see a movie with a friend with a goatee and mustache remaining and then shaved it off when I got home. Anyways, today I’ve taken pictures. I’ve also procured a pic of my face clean at Christmas 2011.

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Replicated Results: Camera Phone Microscope with a Water Drop

Here’s the link to the article I found:

This article shows how you can take closeup images with any cheapo camera phone. Except they use the overblown iPhone.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Here, on this Twosday, I have officially seen two whole decades. I also have two thousand dollars saved up. I woke up at 1 PM because my phone, and the alarm software on it, died. My plans for this summer are to move out of my parents home into some kind of apartment. I will probably get some computer certifications and try to move to a computer oriented job. I’ll expand upon my electronics and robotics hobbies and I’ll try to complete the game I’ve been working on with a friend. No details for you, yet!

Also, I figure that 2 decades is a nice round number to try to start cultivating facial hair.

My Legacy Lives On

Yesterday at work, a couple of members of the FIRST Robotics Team I was on, team 1723 F.B.I., came by my register and told me that two members achieved the “Joshua M. Brown award.” This is their award for attending robotics club the full four years in high school. It is named after the first student to achieve this, me!


As a side note, I’m a couple months behind blogging because I was sort of distracted by personal issues of both me and my best friend.

Dissecting a $5 R/C Car

Here’s the first project I’m working on publicly. I’ve recently dissected an R/C car with my 9.1 megapixel point-and-shoot in hand. Also related, I’ve never used Flickr before. However, I decided that posting a bunch of pictures on this one page would be bulky and annoying, so I figured it out for you.

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Posting Schedule

Many blogs or other websites have posting shedules. They promise to post a certain amount of content.

So, I promise to post at least once a week. Why not? If I don’t do anything blog-worthy in an entire week, my life must be pretty uninteresting, huh?

First Time use of the Android WordPress App

Watch out! Here comes the first post with content. I am posting this with the Android app for WordPress.

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Jorhlok Profile February 2012: First Post on this Blog

Right. Here I am! I am Jorh of the Nation of Jorh, otherwise known as the incomparable Joshua Michael Brown. This blog will contain basically anything I want to make public. It might be downloadable content, physical projects, information, or just plain opinion.

I do many things, depending on who you compare me to. Wait, wait, wait… bad grammar. I do many things, depending on whom I am compared. I use Free and Open Source Software, bend consumer electronics to my will, program computers, dabble in electronics and robotics, play videogames, listen to music, try to compose music, experiment with food, drink water, lucid dream, sleep, go to community college, be 19 years old, cashier at Walmart, and live in the USA.

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