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Tracker 0.1: Play Test

I made enough progress that it can save and load files. I also managed to finagle the play routine enough that it can play files more advanced than you can make inside the program alone. As-is, you can only sequence 32 lines without any effects other than setting the noise mode.

Almost all of this information is still valid.

Video of it playing sound below.

File played is here:

Rename the .jtp file to .zip and you’ll see a bunch of text files like in the folder next to it in the link above.

I run each file through a pre-parser that separates lines that start with “#” and sections surrounded with “{}” and other miscellaneous lines. This makes it rather simple for each object inside to find things relevant. I suppose I could have used JSON or some other standard but I wanted the format to be easily human editable and similar to the last format I made but expanded. It certainly came in useful this time. With prodigious use of Ctrl+H I converted the version you can hear in this post to the new format.

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