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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here, on this Twosday, I have officially seen two whole decades. I also have two thousand dollars saved up. I woke up at 1 PM because my phone, and the alarm software on it, died. My plans for this summer are to move out of my parents home into some kind of apartment. I will probably get some computer certifications and try to move to a computer oriented job. I’ll expand upon my electronics and robotics hobbies and I’ll try to complete the game I’ve been working on with a friend. No details for you, yet!

Also, I figure that 2 decades is a nice round number to try to start cultivating facial hair.

My Legacy Lives On

Yesterday at work, a couple of members of the FIRST Robotics Team I was on, team 1723 F.B.I., came by my register and told me that two members achieved the “Joshua M. Brown award.” This is their award for attending robotics club the full four years in high school. It is named after the first student to achieve this, me!


As a side note, I’m a couple months behind blogging because I was sort of distracted by personal issues of both me and my best friend.